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Virtual Open Systems Newsletter

Edition of March 2022

In this edition of the Virtual Open Systems newsletter, we highlight relevant news and updates related to research, customers and product activities in the fields of virtualization, mixed-criticality product development and consulting services.

  • Research: H2020 Innovation projects in automotive and big data
  • Product development: VOSySmonitor Multi Secure OSes new feature
  • Open source innovation: New Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) developments
  • Company presentation: New company presentation released
  • Development services: Constant customer commitment

Software products and services for automotive, industrial, IoT edge systems

Research: H2020 Innovation projects in automotive and big data

H2020 Innovation projects Virtual Open Systems SME

Virtual Open Systems Research and Development activities continue in the context of EU funded projects (H2020, Horizon Europe). The company has conducted the H2020 DIGIFED ENergica cOnneCtivity Hub (ENOCH) project in cooperation with Energica Motor Company. The project resulted in a VOSySmonitor based virtualized Electronic Control Unit solution for high performance electric motorbikes running on a Raspberry Pi-4 platform. At the same time, Virtual Open Systems is active in the dEsign enVironmEnt foR Extreme-Scale big data analytics on heterogeneous platforms (EVEREST) H2020 project targeting to develop FPGA virtualization solutions for embedded systems. The project is half a way before its end, and VOSyS is developing a virtio based FPGA virtualization solution for Xilinx MPSoC platforms. An existing PoC today enables FPGA bitstream flashing from Armv8 KVM guests.

Product development: VOSySmonitor Multi Secure OSes new feature

Multi Secure OS with TrustZone mixed-criticality systems

The company flagship product, VOSySmonitor, has been extended with an important new feature: Multi Secure OSes. Thanks to Multi Secure OSes, VOSySmonitor is now able to host multiple secure operating systems. This enables the protected virtualized execution of both a real time operating system and a security payload in the Arm TrustZone Secure World, together with Linux in the Non Secure World. Multi Secure OSes is shown in a recent video demo available on the company website, where Linux is running alongside FreeRTOS and OPTEE in a dual Cortex A53 platform. Moreover, the demonstration proves that safety OS execution is not impacted by Linux requests to the security payload.

Open source innovation: New Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) developments

Automotive Grade Linux virtualized with VOSySmonitor on RCar H3

Virtual Open Systems' partnership with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) continues and grows stronger in the direction of virtio developments. After having initiated the Virtualization Expert group in 2016, the company has been selected by the Linux Foundation to design and implement a virtio abstraction layer for AGL aiming to boost portability and product-readiness of the open source Linux automotive distribution. The results of this activity will be fully open source, with benefits for AGL as well as for the entire FOSS community.

Company presentation: New company presentation released

Virtual Open Systems low level software development company

A new version of the Virtual Open Systems company presentation has been released on the company website. The most important updates are related to the three flavors of the VOSySmonitor virtualization product for to Arm, x86 and RISC-V and to the available support of new platforms (NXP S32G, TI AM64, Raspberry Pi4, Andes ADP-XC7K, SiFive Unleashed, etc.). In addition, VOSySzator, the new company virtualization framework product is presented together with an extensive list of projects that show the company expertise in low level software, high performance and embedded systems virtualization as well as open source developments.

Development services: Constant customer commitment

Custom design and development services by Virtual Open Systems

Virtual Open Systems continues its involvement in customer projects in different domains including automotive, power breakers, IoT edge, HPC, etc. In accordance to the Virtual Open Systems Quality Management System quality management guidelines, the company provides the customer with complete visibility of the project progresses and involves it in the strategic decisions to meet as much as possible the customers requirements. Since the first contacts, Virtual Open Systems is diligent to gather all the customer's needs, proposing possible solutions with their pros and cons, and assessing the existing state of the art. In addition, and if applicable and required by the customer, Virtual Open Systems can also provide an assessment with key considerations related to IP protection. At last, a project schedule and deliverables are proposed. All of this is captured in a Statement of Work that is discussed with the customer that provides the feedback to be reflected in the document. Don't hesitate to contact us through our online form to make your ideas, your needs come true!

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