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An independent company for open source virtualization

virtualization services for heteregeneous embedded multicore systems

Virtual Open Systems is an innovative, agile and dynamic SME software company specialized in virtualization, Linux and embedded software for automotive, industrial, IoT edge, IIoT, cloud computing solutions.

The company delivers most efficient architectures products and services for heterogeneous embedded multi-core platforms that increase value to its customers, help them to lower costs, to reduce time to market, while enhancing their value proposition.

More information shared in the latest company profile presentation - previous company profile.

Enabling mixed-criticality virtualization in automotive, IoT edge, embedded systems

VOSySmonitor: a low latency certified monitor layer for mixed-criticality systems on arm architecture

Virtual Open Systems provides virtualization solutions for mixed-critical systems. VOSySmonitor is a key company product component to execute concurrently, on a single hardware platform, functionalities of different functional safety levels, compliant to ISO-26262 certification.

VOSySmonitor: a low latency certified monitor layer for mixed-criticality systems on arm architecture

VOSySmonitor is the software foundation component of the company's VOSySmcs and VOSySIoT software products, which are meant respectively for Automotive and IoT edge market segments. VOSySmonitor guarantees, when compared to traditional type-1 hypervisors, by its architecture design the best isolation of safety critical functionalities.

VOSySmcs: automotive mixed-criticality virtualization product software stack

VOSySmcs consists of a full fledged software stack to support modern generation of car virtual cockpits where the concurrent execution of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), Instrument Digital Cluster and Body Control Module (BCM) can be consolidated on a single hardware platform, thus simplifying complexity, maintenance and costs of heterogeneous Electronic Component Units (ECU). The open nature of the VOSySmcs architecture breaks traditional vendor lock-in practices while unchaining innovation.

VOSySIoT: an end-to-end iot software stack product developed for processing of iot applications

VOSySIoT is an end to end IoT edge software stack, which is intended to protect and isolate the collection and processing of critical data. Industrial IoT, health monitoring, smart home, building, city, green energy, are market segments which benefit from VOSySIoT mixed-critical software product.

A company committed to open source virtualization

Innovating start-up in virtualization software for arm cortex 64-bit multi-core processors.

Virtual Open Systems is committed to open source virtualization contributions, such as KVM development for ARMv7 and ARMv8, Linux, QEMU, etc. Virtualization extensions in the direction of mixed criticality with Real-time OS, security, accelerators virtualization (including hardware/software FPGA virtualization) are key assets deriving from the company core skills.

VOSYSmonitor, a Certified System Partitioner for Mixed-Criticality Systems

The company is member of Linux Foundation, contributing to the standardization effort of the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) virtualization working group (EG-Virt), and of Arm Automotive Developer Community (AADC), the Arm web platforms that gathers automotive solution providers and experts. Moreover, Virtual Open Systems is recognized by the French Ministry of Finance as Innovating Start-up Company (JEI label), committed to accelerate innovation by fostering open source development.