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dReDBox H2020 Research Project: a Datacentre Disaggregated Architecture

Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box (dReDBox)

research and development of disaggregated datacentre-in-a-box architecture

dReDBox H2020 research project is a H2020 European project aiming to break the conventional rules of how to build datacentre computing systems, where the main board and its hardware components form the baseline, a monolithic building block that the rest of the hardware and software stack design builds upon. dReDBox takes on the challenge of revolutionizing the low-power computing market by breaking once and for all server boundaries through materialization of the concept of disaggregation. Through a highly modular software-defined architecture supporting NFV networking datacenters, dReDBox will specify, design and prototype modular blocks for SoC-based microservers, memory and accelerators, interconnected via a high-speed, low-latency opto-electronic system fabric, and that can be allocated in arbitrary sets.

Virtual Open Systems will use its extensive experience to change the current paradigm of virtualization in datacenters, extending the KVM/QEMU hypervisor to benefit from disaggregated memory and peripherals.