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ExaNeSt H2020 Research Project: Exascale High Performance Computing

European eXAscale system interconNEct and STorage (ExaNeSt)

research and development of accelerators virtualization for HPC

The ExaNeSt H2020 research project aims at providing powerful infrastructure solutions for HPC systems in the areas of computing, storage, interconnect and cooling. ExaNeSt is addressing HPC challenges by using ARMv8 energy-efficient cores, close integration of non-volatile memory, efficient interconnects and virtualization features.

ExaNest is all about scalability to an exascale range, and this is achieved through:

bullet Storage: fast, distributed in-node non-volatile memory

bullet Interconnect: low-latency, unified compute & storage traffic

bullet Packaging: advanced, liquid cooling

bullet Virtualization: transparent guest acceleration with MPI capabilities

In this project Virtual Open Systems contributes its virtualization expertise and know-how, in the areas of efficient live migration, inter-VM networking communication and VM-based MPI infrastructure.

ExaNeSt project is also cross-fertilized with other European R&D projects, including:

bullet EuroServer research project

bullet ExaNode

bullet ECOSCALE research project