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Next Generation Platform as a Service (NGPaaS)

NGPaaS H2020 Research Project to Address a Reference Stack for Telco-grade 5G Networks

FPGA accelerators virtualization stack for telco-grade 5G/NFV

The NGPaaS H2020 research project aims to build a hardware accelerated reference stack for future 5G/NFV networks ready to be deployed for telco-grade use-cases:

bullet Telco-grade PaaS: targeting a reference platform for a large set of deployments including FPGAs, ARMv8 and x86 processors, private and public clouds, etc.

bullet New Dev-for-Operations model: aiming at removing silos not only between different teams of the same organization or organizations of the same industry, but also between different industries.

bullet High quality and high performance development and operational environments: with performance and QoS as key objectives, addressed by FPGA accelerators which provide high performance, low power consumption and bandwidth predictability.

bullet Build new OSS/BSS model: supporting a multi-sided platform between operators which optimizes cost and performance in a highly dynamic environment.

Within the project, Virtual Open Systems develops virtualization extensions for the KVM hypervisor, Docker and unikernels, both on ARMv8 and Intel architectures. Moreover, these virtualization techniques will be accelerated with reconfigurable FPGAs. VOSYSwitch virtual switch and guests can benefit from FPGA computing power, leveraging on the virtualization solution carried on in the project.

In addition, Virtual Open Systems plays the role of Innovation Manager for NGPaaS, aiming to identify and foster innovation and commercialization of the project's results.