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An independent company for open source virtualization

virtualization services for heteregeneous embedded multicore systems

Virtual Open Systems is an innovative, agile and dynamic start-up company operating in linux, android, SMP virtualization and cloud computing software solutions. The company delivers most efficient software architectures products and services for heterogeneous embedded multi-core platforms that increase value to customers, helps them lower costs and reduce time to market while improving control, security and meeting new business requirements. The company's core business is on virtualization solutions and virtualization custom extensions for complex heterogeneous multi-core SoC spanning from embedded to HPC, including the exascale. Our team consists of talented engineers with strong technical skills on KVM virtualization and Linux.

Committed to open source KVM on ARM services extensions

kvm-on-arm v7 (cortex-A15) and v8 (cortex-A57) virtualization custom products for cloud, automotive, consumer markets KVM extension services, IOMMU/SMU I/O devices direct assignments push virtualization performances.

Virtual Open Systems is committed with KVM development for ARMv7, ARMv8 and following architectures and has invested to upstreaming changes in the Linux kernel. Specialized Extensions of KVM for ARM v7 and v8 architectures, RT for virtualized environments, Network virtualization and Security are the main strategic axes of the company roadmap. The company is member of ETSI, contributing to the standardization effort for the networking virtualization (NFV), and the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA), whose targets include fostering the adoption of KVM as an open virtualization alternative to proprietary solutions and encouraging cloud interoperability.

An innovating research software company

Innovating start-up in virtualization software for arm cortex 64-bit multi-core processors.

Virtual Open Systems is currently involved in several FP7 research projects, out of which vIrtical and TRESCCA address Virtualization and security in heterogeneous multi-core platforms and cloud computing. New research directions address state-of-the-art GPU virtualization and real-time extensions within virtualized environments. Virtual Open Systems is recognized by the French Ministry of Finance as Innovating Start-up Company (JEI label).

DREAMS research project is about mixed-criticality realtime virtualization architectures based on multicore networked SoCs SAVE project is about at run-time self-adaptive virtualization-aware heterogeneous system architecture Partner in FP7 Trescca Project, implementing the security software model and integrating it with KVM-on-ARM SMP virtualization Partner in FP7 Virtical Project, developing SW/HW extensions for virtualized heteregenous multicore platforms