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KVM on ARM to virtualize custom requirements

product development services to support kvm on arm I/O peripherals virtualization and more custom requirements

Virtual Open Systems activity and innovation is focused on open source virtualization techniques and its custom extensions based on KVM for ARM multicore heterogeneous embedded systems on chip (SoC). The company product offer supports custom virtualization requirements of components and peripherals in modern SoC. It provides customer specific development services and research projects early designs, while enabling high performance at low power, with virtualization overhead kept at nearly native level.

Custom virtualization extensions for KVM-on-ARM products

Examples of custom virtualization developments and extensions include SMMU device assignment, API Remoting for OpenGL/OpenMAX, GPU virtualization, Quality of Service (QoS) and real time (RT) in virtualized systems, coordinated host versus virtual machines (VM) scheduling. In addition, the scalability of KVM on ARM technology can be applied to any market segments, benefiting from an open source infrastructure which frees the usage from any vendor lock-in side effect. One field of application is BYOD, enabling executives and workers to use their own devices in both personal and professional environments, while keeping a strong isolation between the two environments. In addition, Virtual Open Systems provides customization of KVM/QEMU to meet unique customer requirements to enable the most appropriate use cases.

Virtualization proof of concepts and turnkey solutions

The company provides Proof of Concept (PoC) and turnkey solutions for custom requirements related to virtualization of new generation ARM based multicore heterogeneous systems for market segments spanning from networking to automotive through consumer and mobile. For instance, a Proof of Concept enabling BYOD can consist of a KVM hypervisor sitting on a streamlined linux kernel base running two isolated environments (as for example Android/Linux); such a PoC can be useful to demonstrate some of the advanced features made available by the usage of KVM on ARM combined with QoS enhancements.