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VOSySIoT, Enabling mixed-criticality in IoT Edge

VOSySIoT software stack enables strong isolation for safety critical functionalities

VOSySIoT is an end-to-end IoT software stack product developed by Virtual Open Systems to allow processing of IoT applications with different level of safety criticality executed on the same hardware IoT edge. VOSySIoT built upon VOSYSmonitor, a highly privileged software component that ensures a strict isolation of higher level software components, reinforced at the hardware level by leveraging ARM TrustZone technology.

The product VOSySIoT flyer is made available in English and Japanese.

The Challenge

Highly sensitive and time-critical data that are collected and processed in IoT end-to-end systems need to be treated within secure and safety execution environments. This type of data coexists with non-critical data and are processed in low power and low cost, yet powerful hardware platforms, efficiently exploited and separately executed by mean of a lower level software layer.

The Solution

The VOSySIoT software stack enables the co-execution of applications and operating systems with different levels of criticality on a single hardware edge platform. VOSySIoT guarantees an optimal level of isolation for critical applications thanks to its secure software monitor layer VOSYSmonitor, which leverages the ARM TrustZone hardware security extensions. It allows the design of safety-aware IoT gateways and edge nodes.

IoT edge powered by VOSYSIoT to process heterogeneous safety critical data

The VOSySIoT software stack solution

Main Features & Benefits

Among the caracteristics of the VOSySIoT edge node software product stack, it's worth to mention:

  • Strong isolation of safety critical applications
  • Resilient software architecture
  • Compatible with all ARM Cortex-A processors supporting the ARM security extensions
  • Secure network communication between secure and non-secure world
  • Modular system design
  • System cost reduction, due to the consolidation of heterogeneous OSes
  • System extensibility by optional open-source virtualization layer
  • Fully customizable (additional software components, peripherals sharing, and more)