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ExaNoDe H2020 Research Project: Exascale HPC Heterogeneous Compute Node

European Exascale Processor Memory Node Design (ExaNoDe)

research and development of accelerators virtualization for HPC

The ExaNoDe H2020 European project is about development and prototyping of a highly efficient, integrated, multi­way, high­performance, heterogeneous compute element for exascale HPC computing node. Demonstrated using hardware­emulated interconnect, it will build on multiple European initiatives for scalable computing, utilizing low­power processors and advanced nanotechnologies. The ExaNoDe compute element aims towards exascale compute goals through:

bullet Integration of the most advanced low­power processors and accelerators, GPGPU and FPGA processing elements supported by research and innovation in the deployment of associated nanotechnologies. bullet Undertaking essential research to ensure support of HPC applications, OpenMP and MPI paradigms. Each aspect of ExaNoDE is aligned with the goals of the ETP4HPC initiative. The vision is that HPC applications are cloud based with compute nodes deployed as virtual machines on the underlying hardware, to increase flexibility and reliability of the system.

Virtual Open Systems develops HPC virtualization features, such as virtualization of accelerators and virtual machines save/restore capabilities, to be compliant with the exascale target requirements.