<div class='slidealt'>Experience kvm <a title='virtualization for embedded heterogeneous arm core platforms' href='/en/products'>virtualization extensions</a></div> <div class='slidealt'>Benefit from custom <a title='kvm on arm services full virtualization' href='/en/services'>virtualization services</a></div> <div class='slidealt'>KVM on ARMv7 and ARMv8 <a title='kvm-on-arm open source smu extensions' href='/en/solutions/guides/vfio-on-arm/'>IOMMU full virtualization</a></div> <div class='slidealt'>Virtualization research projects <a title='ARM multicore kvm open source' href='/en/research'>in cloud and embedded systems</a></div> <div class='slidealt'>Virtualization solutions for heterogeneous <a title='ARMv7-ARMv8 virtualization open source solutions' href='/en/solutions'>ARM multicore systems</a></div>

Virtual Open Systems training material for virtualization topics

Training videos: Introduction to virtualization and KVM

training material for kvm virtualization concepts

As part of the virtualization dissemination activities of Virtual Open Systems in the DREAMS research project, a range of educational videos have been created to introduce and easily explain to students various virtualization concepts and technologies. The videos presented, are made with the MOOC (Massive open online course) format in mind, and can be used as a quick high-level introduction to virtualization, meant for students interested in the concepts of the virtualized embedded systems.

Introduction To Virtualization And Kvm Training Material kvm virtualization dissemination activities from FP7 DREAMS research project
KVM Virtualization Training Challenges from virtualization dissemination activities in FP7 DREAMS research project