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VOSYSIoT enables mixed-criticality at the IoT edge

Virtual Open Systems at SIdO-2018, Lyon

VOSYSIoT enables mixed-criticality IoT edge

This video demo shows the VOSYSIoT software stack demonstrator presented at the SIdO-2018 event in Lyon, France. It showcases the capabilities of the company IoT software product based on VOSYSmonitor, an ISO-26262 certified bare metal system partitioner. VOSYSmonitor enables the concurrent execution of a safety critical OS and a general purpose OS, thus enabling mixed-criticality in IoT use-cases for smart metering, smart building, smart cities, industry 4.0 IIoT, etc. By leveraging the ARM TrustZone, VOSYSIoT executes different OSes in its own execution environment (the safety critical OS in the secure world and the general purpose OS in the non-secure world).

The VOSYSIoT video demo focuses on the edge node of a potentially bigger IoT system; the edge node hardware platform consists of an ARMv8-based Renesas R-Car M3; the following software components are composed to serve the demonstration target:

  • Linux (non-secure world) executes an IoT stack and retrieves data from different low-power wireless network links (in this demo Bluetooth and Z-Wave) and forwards the data to a cloud-based back-end systems. The back-end system is a web-server collecting the data in real-time and responsible to display them. A user can observe the data via a web-browser.
  • An heartbeat device is connected to the secure side of the system.
  • The FreeRTOS in the secure world, constantly monitors the activity of Linux, and in the case of a failure in the IoT stack in the Linux, it powers down the non-secure world, then it re-initializes the non-secure world to guarantee a clean system state, and to ensure a fast recovery of the IoT stack.
Vosysiot Sido-2018, Enabling Mixed-Criticality In Iot Edge VOSYSIoT software stack product enables mixed-criticality in IoT Edge, industry-4.0 IIoT, smart building, meters, city, iot-health