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VOSYSwitch outperforms OVS-DPDK, a virtual switch live test comparison

VOSYSwitch benchmarked against OVS-DPDK - Virtual Open Systems at INTEROP, Tokyo 2016

VOSYSwitch user-space NFV virtual switch performance benchmark with OVS-DPDK

In this video demo, a live performance test comparison is showcased between VOSYSwitch, a user space virtual switch supporting x86 and ARMv8 server architectures, and OVS-DPDK. The live demo is also presented at the INTEROP event in Tokyo in June 2016, at the Virtual Open Systems booth. Overall, VOSYSwitch shows higher performance, much better scalability with increasing number of flows, under same test conditions by using identical servers, thus resulting in VOSYSwitch outperforming OVS-DPDK in every test scenario.

In a first test, VOSYSwitch and OVS-DPDK are executed in a simple host switching scenario, where two physical interfaces are bridged to forward packets from one interface to the other. In a second test case, a virtual machine, representing a VNF running the testpmd DPDK application to forward packets, is activated; moreover vhost-user is used by both vSwitch solutions to connect to the virtual machine. Bidirectional traffic is sent from a generator machine, using the Pktgen-DPDK application, with the option to change on the fly the packet size, as well as the number of L2 flows (i.e, MAC address tuples).

Vosyswitch At Interop Tokyo 2016 Shows Superior Performance Than Ovs-Dpdk Fox 86 And Armv8 VOSYSwitch showcased at INTEROP TOKYO 2016, live performance test comparison with OVS-DPDK make it ideal to power x86 and ARMv8 NFV servers