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VIRTUAL OPEN SYSTEMS at Interop-2017 Tokyo

VOSYSwitch Dataplane showcased on ARM Servers - part of ShowNet at INTEROP

VOSYSwitch Dataplane NFV virtual switch running on CPE ARM servers

For the second year, Virtual Open Systems attends the largest event of Communications and Networking in Japan at Interop-2017 in Tokyo, held at Makuhari Messe on 7th to 9th of June. This time, Virtual Open Systems has contributed in the ShowNet, which is a comprehensive internet technology demonstration of Interop Tokyo since the beginning of the event; ShowNet consists of a complex network infrastructure, built upon products from different contributors, to provide network connectivity and experimental work-space for performance and functionality verification.

Virtual Open Systems has showcased its software VOSYSwitch dataplane based on two use-cases:

  • A stand-alone ARMv8 based CPE equipment running VLAN to GRE tunneling, which provisions L2 connectivity, of the exhibitors, to a function pool
  • OPNFV Danube deployment of OpenStack where a set of throughput and latency tests are run

The video explains both use cases and gives more details about their setup.

Vosyswitch Dataplane Showcased On Arm Servers - Part Of Shownet At Interop-2017 Tokyo VOSYSwitch on ARMv8 servers showcased in ShowNet at Interop-2017 in Tokyo, runs VLAN to GRE tunneling, in OPNFV OpenStack Danube deployment