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VOSYSwitch enables NFV Networking Infrastructures high performance virtual switching

NFV Virtual Switch comes with OpenStack integration

VOSYSwitch enables high-performance virtual switch for NFV Infrastructure OpenStack deployments

The current trend in telco networking and datacenter deployments is the adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). SDN aims to replace traditional high-complexity distributed network management and configuration protocols with a simplified, programmable and centralized networking solution; NFV, on the other hand, leverages virtualization techniques to run network functions in virtual machines, in order to improve flexibility, scalability and at the same time to soften vendor lock-in in future datacenters.

This video demo showcases both performance and OpenStack integration of the Virtual Open Systems user space high performance virtual switch, VOSYSwitch. Such an integration deployment of VOSYSwitch with OpenStack is running on a dedicated compute node. VOSYSwitch networking software stack is based on and it extends the opensource framework SnabbSwitch, by the implementation of additional features, by stretching performance in specific use cases and by providing commercial support.

The evaluation scenarios showcasing the performance evaluation include:

  • Single NIC to VM traffic, demonstrating TCP throughput with 1, 10 and 100 parallel streams
  • Service chaining performance demonstration through firewall, NAT and TCP servers
  • HTTP server handling 500 thousand requests, sent in 200 parallel streams
  • A mixed test case scenario, where the service chain is overloaded with TCP throughput and HTTP requests

VOSYSwitch manages to achieve a TCP throughput of nearly 10 Gbps with a single virtual machine and exceeding 6Gbps when service chaining 3 VNFs. Moreover, during the stress test (consisting of a sustained TCP throughput traffic along with 200 parallel HTTP streams), the web server under test is able to serve 95% of the requests within 22ms latency.

Thanks to such high performance and its demonstrated integration with OpenStack, VOSYSwitch has become a solution to consider for enabling the NFV infrastructure compute node.

Vosyswitch, An High-Performance User Space Virtual Switch Integrated In Nfvi Openstack VOSYSwitch, an high-performance user space virtual switch showcased within an integrated OpenStack deployment in NFV infrastructure compute node