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About Virtual Open Systems

Virtual Open Systems, an innovating company in virtualization, QoS and real time development in low latency heterogeneous multicore systems

Virtual Open Systems (VOSYS) is a French high-tech start-up company active in the field of embedded software development. The core business area is on open source virtualization solutions and services for complex consumer electronics, mobile devices, automotive, networking and cloud computing and in general for embedded heterogeneous multicore systems around ARM cores and new generation architectures. The company team consists of talented software and hardware engineers with strong technical skills on embedded systems virtualization techniques, KVM on ARM cores, linux kernel, scheduling and QoS in low latency virtualized systems. Virtual Open Systems is the company who started the KVM development for the ARMv7, ARMv8 architectures and invested to upstreaming changes in the linux kernel.

Virtual Open Systems has been created by industry veterans, professionals and academic researchers with the vision to develop industry-leading technologies for embedded appliances, leveraging strong synergies with several leading universities. VOSYS is part of the Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA), whose targets include fostering the adoption of KVM as an open virtualization alternative to proprietary solutions and encouraging cloud interoperability.

A company surfing innovation through research and standardization efforts

Virtual Open Systems is currently involved in several European research projects, partnering with leading industrial companies and academic institutions all around Europe. Topics such as virtualization extensions in heterogeneous multicore systems (vIrtical project), virtualization for secure and trustable cloud platform (Trescca project), self-adaptive virtualisation-aware high-performance/low-energy heterogeneous system architectures (Save), distributed real-time architecture for mixed criticality virtualized systems (Dreams), virtualization and real-time architectures in automotive constrained systems are addressed by the research and product strategy effort of Virtual Open Systems.

Virtual Open Systems, an innovating company in virtualization for embedded systems, from the 2013 5th most inventive city in the world

Forbes 2013: Grenoble, the 5th Most Inventive City in the World

Virtual Open Systems: Geographical Environment

The company is also an active partner in the Networking Functions Virtualization (NFV) ETSI Industry Specification Group (ISG), which aims to reduce legacy impact in networking industry by implementing network functions in software that can run on a range of industry standard server hardware, and that can be moved to, or instantiated in, various locations in the network as required, without the need to install new equipment. Network Functions Virtualization is highly complementary to Software Defined Networking (SDN).