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Job Position for KVM/ARM Talented Software Engineers

job opening at Virtual Open Systems, linux kernel and kvm on arm career opportunity

Nowadays virtualization is emerging as the key technology to enable a wide range of use cases on top of modern multi-core heterogeneous hardware platforms in many market segments, such as current and next generation low power servers, networking, mobile, consumer, automotive and connected objects. Reputation of expert linux software engineers might depends more and more on acquired knowledge on virtualization technologies and related specific requirements in virtualized environments, namely based on modern ARM embedded SoCs.

Linux kernel and embedded system virtualization software developer engineer

Job openings at Virtual Open Systems reflect a challenging and multinational working environment, enabling motivated candidates to acquire competitive skills and to become a reputed expert in the industry's movement of the KVM on ARM based virtualization technology. Contact us now to schedule a first discussion about Virtual Open Systems jobs open positions. The environment in Virtual Open Systems allows autonomy, experimentation and empowerment, but the candidate is requested to show initiative and innovation driven attitude and be able to produce demonstrable results.

About Virtual Open Systems

Virtual Open Systems is an independent SME with highly skilled resources, worldwide customer base, and innovative business models with niche expertise in KVM-on-ARM Virtualization, Real-Time and QoS scheduling in virtualized systems, NFV networking and Cloud, scheduling RTOS coexistence along with Linux VM in automotive virtualized environments. Virtual Open Systems fostered the KVM development for the ARMv7 architecture and committed to the next product server ARMv8 64-bit architecture with a continuous investment in innovation, development and contributions to the Linux open source community. The company is located in Grenoble, France.

Virtualization job offer description

The selected candidate, a highly motivated Linux skilled professional, will join Virtual Open Systems working on leading edge future high-performance ARM based system-on-chip. The candidate will actively contribute to the development of the KVM extensions for ARM new generation cores, GPU and architecture (big.LITTLE) as well as the specific system-on-chip resource management and RT scheduling/QoS optimizations in virtualized systems.

Required Education and Qualifications

The candidate must have university degree in Electronic Engineering or Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent.

Required essential skills & experience:

  • A Strong Background in operative system in particular Linux
  • Strong programming skills in C/C++ and assembler
  • Experience of device driver development
  • Linux Kernel programming experience
  • Hands-on experience in software developing for multicore embedded platforms
  • Documented contributions to at least one open source software project
  • Excellent communication skills and good teamwork are needed
  • Excellent technical writing skills in English and possibly French
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication skills
  • Experience with source versioning systems, in particular GIT
  • Flexibility, pro-active and result driven attitude

Desirable Skills & Experience:

  • Working experience on KVM, QEMU or any virtualization techniques is strongly required
  • Knowledge of the ARM architecture and ARM assembler (highly desirable)
  • Knowledge of modern multicore architecture
  • Experience of software optimization and instrumentation
  • Experience of system-level programming on Android
  • Understanding of generic power management techniques
  • Experience with scripting language (Python of preference) to automate recurring tasks