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Virtual Open Systems - Press Release

Italtel Launches vTU Application for 5G Era

Teamed up with Virtual Open Systems to demo vTU at MWC-2017

Virtual Open Systems and Italtel joint demonstration at MWC

MILAN, February 22, 2017

Video upload use case is demoed at Mobile World Congress to showcase the solution's suitability for fast caching and sharing of large files at crowded events. Italtel, a leading telecommunications company in IT system integration, managed services, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and all-IP solutions, today unveiled its virtual Transcoding Unit (vTU) application which brings several functionalities to the edge of networks, improving upload performance, reducing latency and increasing the battery life of connected devices.

vTU runs over any virtualized infrastructure and ARMv8 microservers and leverages mobile edge computing technology to deliver a gigabit ultra-broadband experience. This enables the rapid upload of large files, such as HD video, and enhances Quality of Experience. vTU is an ideal application for operators experiencing high levels of network traffic from large events like music concerts and sports games.

Italtel has teamed up with Virtual Open Systems, a world leader in accelerated virtualization for networking, mobile and mixed criticality systems, to demo the application at MWC to show the low latency achieved when the vTU is engaged during a HD video upload to a storage service provider like Dropbox or Google Drive.

«One of the pillars of 5G is the deployment of advanced radio access networks that integrate the traditional mobile access network with wireless wide area network, reinforcing the concept of heterogeneous networks,» said Giulio Gaetani, Software Business Unit Head at Italtel. «It is in this context that we have developed vTU, leveraging mobile edge computing technology. vTU works by transcoding and caching the video during the download, offering a wide set of codecs and quality, according to the requirements of the end-user watching the video.» vTU takes into account user profile subscriptions and manages the caching of contents by monitoring the traffic conditions at the core of the network, enabling optimum upload speeds.

«ARMv8 architecture virtualization is a key enabler for efficient, powerful and flexible mobile edge computing,» said Daniel Raho, Virtual Open Systems' Director. «With extensive use of acceleration techniques for both the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and the Virtual Switch (VOSySwitch), it is possible to achieve an impressive performance/watt ratio. VOSySwitch is the accelerated virtual switch from Virtual Open Systems which outperforms OVS/DPDK both on x86 and ARMv8 architectures.»

The application is part of the architecture developed in the "Small-cell Coordination for Multi-tenancy and Edge services" (SESAME) EU funded research project, under the Grant Agreement (GA) No. 671596 - part of the Horizon 2020 Action under the topic of "Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet" - in which Italtel and Virtual Open Systems are actively participating. Italtel exhibits vTU at MWC 2017 - Stand 2G10, Hall 2 - in Barcelona (February 27 to March 2).

About Italtel:

Italtel designs and provides All IP communication solutions; Managed Services; IT Services; Network Integration and Migration activities.

About Virtual Open Systems:

Virtual Open Systems is a high tech company, pioneer in the field of mobile, embedded and server virtualization. The company expertise includes coordinated scheduling techniques to reduce guest interrupt latency, virtual machine acceleration (device API remoting, direct assignment and hardware assisted virtualization) and the ARM® Trustzone® virtualization to provide strong security, safety and real time services to KVM virtual machines. Additionally, the company is active in the field of NFV and networking virtualization, with VOSySwitch, a high performance virtual switch for ARM® and Intel® processors.