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About Virtual Open Systems

Virtual Open Systems (VOSyS) is a software company providing open virtualization solutions and custom services in complex mixed-criticality systems for Automotive, connected vehicles, industrial, IoT Edge, IIoT, and more in general for embedded systems.

Virtual Open Systems, an innovating company in virtualization, QoS and real time development in low latency heterogeneous multicore systems

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Company Foundation Statements

  • Mission: Enable Customers to gain competitive advantage over competition
  • Values: Believe in open source and industry standards, and Customer satisfaction
  • Vision: Become leader in mixed criticality and accelerators virtualization, by 2023
  • Strategy: Build competitive mixed-critical, safety-aware virtualization solutions to sell in Automotive, IoT and embedded systems

Mixed-Criticality Virtualization Software Company

VOSyS has been the first company to port KVM on ARM in collaboration with Columbia University, paving the way to a whole new set of use cases in the context of open source virtualization for embedded systems. It has initiated and leads the Automotive Grade Linux Virtualization Expert Group (EG-Virt), which foster the usage of virtualization in automotive electronic components. VOSyS is proud of its achievements in various vertical market segments which require virtualization technologies to address mixed-criticality requirements, such as in automotive, industrial, IoT, energy power-breakers, drones, etc.

VOSySmcs - Automotive mixed-criticality virtualization product software stack

VOSySmcs - Automotive mixed-criticality virtualization product software stack

A company surfing innovation through research and standardization

Virtual Open Systems has an extensive experience with H2020 research projects in different aspects of the virtualization technology applied to automotive, edge computing & IoT, HPC and FPGA/GPU accelerators. In particular, ExaNoDe and ExaNeSt are sister projects, pushing to exascale computing with its cutting-edge virtualized compute nodes.

dReDBox builds datacenters by means of a less conventional approach based on a memory and peripheral disaggregation architecture. 5GCity and NGPaaS exploit and push forward the frontier of 5G, by providing, respectively, an integrated platform for 5G Neutral Hosts and a virtualization stack for telco-grade 5G/NFV.

Virtual Open Systems, an innovating company in virtualization for embedded systems, from the 2013 5th most inventive city in the world

Forbes 2013: Grenoble, the 5th Most Inventive City in the World

Financial Times 2016: 3rd European city for foreign investors

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