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VOSySmonitorX86, Mixed-Criticality Systems Done Right on x86 Architecture

mixed-critical virtualization on x86 - strictly isolated OS excecution

Autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, smart cities and applied artificial intelligence are today demanding consolidation of real time functionalities with high performance computing, heterogeneous connectivity. Such modern applications require for a power intensive mixed critical solution coupled with the strongest possible isolation and safety. With VOSySmonitor, Virtual Open Systems has paved the way in serving the market with a powerful mixed critical virtualization solution, complete of a strict certification and capable of leveraging the strongest isolation possible on Arm CPUs. However, the Arm architecture has been designed with power efficiency in mind, thus leaving room to other processors architectures to address applications requiring for high performance requirements.

In this context, the x86 CPU architecture is of interest and well positioned to address high performance requirements in high end mixed critical applications, such as they can be found in the modern ADAS-compliant automotive. For this reason, Virtual Open Systems designs VOSySmonitorX86, a mixed critical virtualization solution for x86 processors.

VOSySmonitorX86 enables high performance mixed-critical applications to run secure

To address both mixed criticality and high performance requirements, a solution with a strong isolation and no overhead is necessary. For this reason VOSySmonitorX86 is based on extensions of the system firmware that creates isolated execution environments where to run mixed critical applications.

VOSySmonitorX86 mixed critical solution in ADAS automotive virtualization systems

VOSySmonitorX86 system overview

VOSySmonitorX86 is an extension of the system BIOS, the system low level firmware that controls the boot, power management and sets up low level routines that run with highest execution privileges during the system execution. VOSySmonitorX86 leverages on the System Management Mode (SMM) to create and maintain strongest isolation between the safety critical operating systems and the non safety critical ones.

VOSySmonitorX86 main features

VOSySmonitorX86 has been designed to be a scalable and modular. Its main features are:

  • High performance and mixed-criticality consolidation in a single hardware platform
  • Hardware isolation stronger than standard hypervisors
  • Both safety critical and non safety critical operating systems are running directly on the hardware, resulting in no performance overhead
  • Designed with certification in mind. It is the first solution that extends certifiability to BIOS components

Virtual Open Systems contact

For any inquiry related to VOSYSmonitorX86 product and custom porting services, please contact us.