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Virtualization solutions for heterogeneous ARM SoC

kvm on arm virtualization solutions in arm embedded systems

Virtual Open Systems' leading CPU, GPU, I/O hardware based virtualization solutions for ARM platforms are ideal building blocks to reduce the total cost of ownership and to rapidly deploy innovative services on top of modern platforms. Virtualization allows applications including operating systems, to run with the illusion of full access to the underlying hardware platform, which is in fact under the control of a hypervisor. Virtual Open Systems delivers customized cutting-edge royalty-free virtualization solutions for system integrators and OEMs to enable customers’ product differentiation.

KVM-on-ARM virtualization solutions ensure lowest cost of ownership

The virtualization technology and solutions for embedded systems supported by Virtual Open Systems are proven to ensure lowest cost of ownership with no vendor lock-in effect, while providing best in class results in many market segments:

  • KVM-on-ARM hypervisor targeting high performance and low power virtualization solution for heterogeneous multicore system-on-chip.
  • GPU virtualization enabling multiple Virtual Machines to share the single physical GPU.
  • I/O virtualization, a specialized decoupling network and storage communications in ARM based platforms.
  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hypervisor for security aware applications and services. The KVM-on-ARM hypervisor combined with TEE technology is the cornerstone of system security enabling new services and new business opportunities for a wide array of applications including secure payment, e-tickets, DRM, e-Loyalty and web-based services.
  • Real-time KVM to combine virtualization with real-time, to meet the requirements of applications across a broad spectrum of industries
  • Networking virtualization and PoC (Proof of Concept) solutions for NFV (Network Function Virtualization).