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Innovation around heterogeneous ARM embedded systems

research in embedded systems virtualization to support kvm on arm virtualization extensions

Virtual Open Systems has proven, since the beginning of its history, a strong capability to surf the innovation by constantly investing in research and development related to open source virtualization for heterogeneous embedded systems, based on the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor. The company is involved in several European and national consortium driving the future evolutions and extensions of open source KVM-on-ARM hypervisor, while reinforcing international partnerships with leading companies and academical research centers. The running research projects, the company is involved in, cover important aspects of the embedded systems virtualization for several market segments (automotive, consumer, networking, servers, mobile) for which the adoption of virtualization technology has become a must.

Research projects for innovation in virtualization KVM extensions

Proven skills in virtualization software development for ARM based heterogeneous embedded systems and an ability in looking ahead to the next innovation extension to enable the connected objects world in the era of Internet of Things (IoT) have contributed to build a solid reputation around Virtual Open Systems. Many commercial and academical partners look for teaming up with Virtual Open Systems when innovation and research represent the target of new projects, such as:

Virtual Environment and Tool-Boxing for Trustworthy Development of RISC-V based Cloud Services (Vitamin-V)

Horizon Europe VITAMIN-V Project: Virtual Environment and Tool-Boxing for Trustworthy Development of RISC-V based Cloud Services (Vitamin-V)

EU processor cloud computing virtualization

Horizon Europe AERO Project: Accelerated EuRopean clOud (AERO) Horizon Europe Research Project

An Artificial Intelligent Aided Unified Network for Secure Beyond 5G Long Term Evolution (NANCY)

Horizon Europe NANCY Project: An Artificial Intelligent Aided Unified Network for Secure Beyond 5G Long Term Evolution (NANCY)

Enoch to virtualize and remote Vehicle Service and Diagnostic Gateway (VSDG)

H2020 Digifed Enoch Project: H2020 R&D Digifed Enoch to virtualize and remote Vehicle Service and Diagnostic Gateway (VSDG)

accelerators virtualization stack for AI and big data

H2020 EVEREST Project: EVEREST H2020 research project, Design environment for extreme-scale big data analytics on virtualized & accelerated heterogeneous platforms

5G Multi-access edge computing infrastructure

H2020 5GCity Project: 5GCity H2020 project, a distributed cloud and radio platform for 5G Neutral Hosts, to enable 5G multi-access edge computing infrastructure.

FPGA accelerators virtualization stack for telco-grade 5G/NFV

H2020 EU NGPaaS: Next Generation Platform as a Service (NGPaaS), to build a |hardware accelerated reference stack for future 5G/NFV networks ready to be deployed for telco-grade use-cases.

virtualization of disaggregated memory and peripherals with modern datacenter architectures for low power cloud computing

H2020 EU dReDBox: Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box (dReDBox), to change the current paradigm of virtualization in datacenters by extending the KVM/QEMU hypervisor to benefit from disaggregated memory and peripherals.

ExaNest H2020 HPC project enables inter-VM networking exascale virtualization and efficient VM migration

H2020 EU ExaNeSt: European eXAscale system interconNEct and STorage (ExaNeSt), with efficient live migration, inter-VM networking and VM-based MPI infrastructure.

ExaNoDe H2020 HPC project enables accelerators virtualization and VM save/restore in exascale HPC

H2020 EU ExaNoDe: European Exascale Processor Memory Node Design, with accelerators virtualization and VM save/restore in exascale HPC

SESAME 5G-PPP research project to enable 5G small cells future internet by NFV networking virtual switch and MEC like hardware acceleration

H2020 EU SESAME 5G-PPP: Small cEllS coordinAtion for Multi-tenancy and Edge services by NFV networking virtualization and FPGA accelerators virtualization

research and development of a trusted execution environment for trusted CPS Apps for automotive through KVM virtualization

H2020 EU TAPPS Project: Trusted APPS for open CPSs in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

DREAMS research project is about mixed-criticality realtime virtualization architectures based on multicore networked SoCs

FP7 EU DREAMS Project: Distributed REal-time Architecture for Mixed criticality Systems

SAVE project is about at run-time self-adaptive virtualization-aware heterogeneous system architecture

FP7 EU SAVE Project: Self-Adaptive Virtualization-Aware High-Performance/Low-Energy Heterogeneous System Architectures

Trescca is about secure and trustable cloud platforms by hardware and virtualization software security extensions

FP7 EU TRESCCA Project: TRustworthy Embedded Systems for Secure Cloud Computing Applications

vIrtical is about virtualization developments for enabling effective heterogeneous embedded ARM multicore virtualization

FP7 EU vIrtical Project: SW/HW Extensions for Heterogeneous Multicore Platforms