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Scientific contributions in open source virtualization

Research and innovation to support kvm on arm custom extensions

scientific contribution and research in embedded systems virtualization to support kvm on arm virtualization extensions

Research projects in virtualization with universities and industry as well the standardization activities, in which Virtual Open systems is involved, are driving the innovation of KVM virtualization for heterogeneous ARM based multiprocessor System-On-Chip (MPSoC). The diverse and international nature of Virtual Open Systems' collaborations is an asset that facilitates concrete innovation and scientific contributions through articles, guides and video demos. As a matter of fact, Virtual Open Systems has been recognized in 2012 by the French Ministry of Finance as Innovating Start-up Company (JEI label).

scientific contributions for innovation in open source virtualization

Virtual Open Systems carries on high-impact applied research to address the most important challenges and opportunities facing the open source virtualization in the coming years, from embedded systems to connected objects, from servers to networking, from mobile to automotive. The research activities carried on by Virtual Open Systems can and should be leveraged to the benefit of its customers, partners and the open source communities related to linux.