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Virtual Open Systems Technical Presentations, White Papers

Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Virtualization Architecture - The AGL Virtualization Expert Group (EG-VIRT)

AGL Virtualization Architecture - AGL Virtualization Expert Group (EG-VIRT)


Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting 2018 (ALS 2018), Tokyo, Japan.

Automotive Grade Linux All Member Meeting Japan 2018 - ALS-2018

Contributed slides presentation

The slides presented at this event are made publicly available.

EG-VIRT ALS contributed White paper

Virtual Open Systems has coordinated the creation of and has contributed with Linux Foundation partners the Automotive Grade Linux EG-Virt software defined connected car white paper


Automotive virtualization, Automotive Grade Linux, mixed-critical systems, EG-VIRT.


Michele Paolino.


This work has been supported by the European research and innovation program Horizon H2020 Next Generation Platform as a Service (NGPaaS), under the Grant Agreement number 761557. The work presented reflects only author's view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


The implementation of the software defined vehicle with autonomous driving, always connected and run-time customizable functions, demands an innovative software architecture that can easily scale and drastically reduce software time to market. For this reason, virtualization is a key enabler technology for self-driving and connected vehicles. The Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Virtualization Expert Group (EG-VIRT) targets to add virtualization and consolidation support to AGL; its role is to define the right architecture which combines security, high performance and certification.

Virtual Open Systems is leading the EG-VIRT working group, which has produced an AGL white paper entitled "The AGL Software Defined Car Architecture". During this talk at the Automotive Linux Summit 2018 in Tokyo, the EG-VIRT white paper has been officially presented by Virtual Open Systems to Linux Foundation members and virtualization open source community.

More in particular, the white paper defines how self-driving and connected vehicles trends can be addressed within AGL, through the use of the virtualization technology, described in details along with benefits, challenges, use cases and requirements.

Important contributions in this document are: the role of the EG-VIRT working group in the AGL community as virtualization integrator (aiming at supporting different hypervisor technologies); the definition of the AGL virtualized software defined vehicle architecture, built upon heterogeneous execution environments communicating each other through communication buses; finally, information about the next steps for AGL open source automotive virtualization developments.

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