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The Virtual Open Systems video demos to virtualize ARM multicore platforms

Multi-Persona/BYOD Android KVM Virtualization demo on ARMv7

near native performance for virtualized multi-persona/BYOD Android guest with KVM on ARM Cortex-A15 vExpress

With this virtualization enabled BYOD demo, Virtual Open Systems demonstrates a multi-persona Android virtualization under KVM on ARMv7 cortex-A15, used in smartphones and tablets practical use cases. The demo runs on an ARM's Versatile Express equipped a cortex-A15 dual core processor running at 1 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. The demo starts to show an Android Guest benchmark which exhibits near native CPU performance. The second part of the demo showcases some available Android applications, where two guests are started (Android Jelly Bean and Ubuntu LTS) and can be used concurrently with an Android host seamlessly. Virtual Open Systems provides virtualization solutions and custom porting services for ARM-based heterogeneous multicore systems for embedded markets, from mobile to automotive, from server to NFV networking markets.

Multi-Persona Android Kvm Virtualization Port On Cortex-A15 Versatile Express makes Android Jelly Bean and Ubuntu guests used concurrently with an Android host in a KVM full virtualization scenario on Cortex-A15 vExpress, while Android Guest benchmark exhibits near native CPU performance