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The Virtual Open Systems video demos to virtualize ARM multicore platforms

Proof of concept to show near-native performance multiple KVM Guests

near native performance for virtualized multi-persona/BYOD Android guest with KVM on ARM Cortex-A15 vExpress

Showcased at ARM TechCon event in late 2012, this is a demonstration of multiple virtual machines, android and ubuntu guests, being fully virtualized upon a linux android host using KVM-on-ARM on Versatile Express development hardware. It's a proof of concept demonstrating UI interface android guest near-native performance and web server ubuntu guest functionality of KVM on the first ARMv7 architecture real hardware. An Android ICS guest performs good user interface experience even in case of no accelerated graphics, while concurrently a web server runs on an ubuntu guest paving the way to following deployment on large scale of 64bits ARMv8 servers. Virtual Open Systems provides virtualization solutions and custom porting services for ARM-based heterogeneous multicore systems for embedded markets, from mobile to automotive, from server to NFV networking markets.

Kvm Virtualization Proof Of Concept Shows Multiple Guests On Arm V7 Hardware Platform makes Android and ubuntu guests proof of concept under KVM-on-ARM virtualization shows near-native UI interface guest performance and web server guest functionality