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VOSYSwitch leverages ODP to enable accelerated VNFs chaining on ARMv8 NFV servers

VOSYSwitch with ODP on Freescale LS2085A-RDB board at Linaro Connect BKK16

VOSYSwitch user-space vSwitch integrates ODP to enable DPACC on Freescale ARMv8 server platform

This video showcases the latest extensions to the Virtual Open Systems user-space virtual switch, VOSYSwitch, presented at the Bangkok 2016 Linaro Connect event. It demonstrates the usability of NFV VOSYSwitch technology integrated with Linaro's OpenDataPlane (ODP) on a 64 bits ARMv8 server platform, enabling the state of the art advancements and bleeding-edge technology of NFV on ARM platforms. VOSYSwitch, a commercial vSwitch solution extending the open source SnabbSwitch implementation, is used in VNFs chaining use case, an NFVI infrastructure, implementing an OpenFastPath web server (NGiNX) with ODP-DPDK polling drivers, placed behind a VNF packet filtering firewall and chained by using VOSYSwitch with ODP-DPDK.

VOSYSwitch leverages on the ODP abstraction layer to interact with multiple ODP-enabled plugins; it uses the Freescale DPAA2 10Gbps network interfaces via ODP-NADK, but also a 1Gbps PCI card with ODP-generic. The connection between the KVM virtual machines and the host system relies on vhost-user QEMU component, a technology originally designed and developed by Virtual Open Systems and adopted by most of the vSwitch networking communities. On the client side, performance measurements are carried on with the Apache Bench tool.

Vosyswith Leverages Odp To Enable Accelerated Vnfs Chaining On Armv8 Nfv Servers VOSYSwith with ODP showcased at Linaro Connect BKK16 to enable accelerated VNFs chaining on Freescale LS2085A-RDB ARMv8 NFV servers
Live watch presentation of NFV user-space networking VOSYSwitch with ODP on an ARMv8 server platform at Linaro Connect BKK16